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If you’re near your ideal weight, yet your abdomen and thighs contain more fat than you’d like, you may want to consider BTL Vanquish ME. This minimally invasive treatment uses radiofrequency to do away with stubborn fat for good, without the hassle or risks associated with cosmetic surgery.

At Delta Medical Weight Management Center in Southaven, Mississippi, Dr. Ulric Duncan and his team provide this body-contouring treatment to fine-tune your weight loss results and help you achieve a sleeker physique. Read on to learn more about BTL Vanquish ME, including what to expect during and after your sessions.

How BTL Vanquish ME works

BTL Vanquish ME is a nonsurgical fat-reduction treatment that breaks down fat in targeted areas to reduce the size of stubborn fat pockets that linger beneath your skin. Designed to treat your midsection and upper legs, it uses radiofrequency to penetrate your skin and heat fat cells, which causes damage to them. Your body then eliminates these damaged fat cells, which never return. In other words, BTL Vanquish ME results are permanent.

What to expect from your sessions

Each BTL Vanquish ME session takes 30-45 minutes, during which you’ll be awake and comfortable. You may feel as though you’re lying out  on a sunny beach, as the radiofrequency magic happens, or lying on top of a heating pad. You can relax and read, listen to music, or even nap during your treatment. Afterward, you may feel a bit warm for several hours, but you can get right back to your usual daily activities.

While results vary, most people fare best from four BTL Vanquish ME treatments spaced a week apart. This treatment has been shown to bring on fat reduction of 29.5% in the layer of fat below the skin, the results of which remain visible even several years later.

Good candidates for BTL Vanquish ME

Most anyone who has reached, or nearly reached, a healthy weight range and would like to do away with stubborn, lingering fat in the abdomen or thighs can be a good candidate for BTL Vanquish ME. This treatment may be an especially good option if you’re not interested in or eligible for cosmetic surgery, or aren’t able to take days or weeks off from work for recovery time.

You should also be confident about maintaining your healthy habits and body weight, to prevent fat cells that aren’t destroyed during your treatment from enlarging. If you have a chronic or severe medical condition, talk to your provider about your health history before scheduling a session.

To learn more about BTL Vanquish ME for body contouring or to get started with treatment, call Delta Medical Weight Management Center or email us through our website. We would love to help you reach your aesthetic goals.

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