Tony T.
Submitted 01/25/22
Everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful

Tina V.
Submitted 01/22/22
Great consultation.

Robin H.
Submitted 10/28/21
I have been going to this place for 5 months now and I love the staff. They are awesome and very friendly. It’s quick and they care about you as well. I highly recommend this place!!

Marie N.
Submitted 10/28/21
Everyone is great also clinic is very nice and clean

Katie H.
Submitted 10/26/21
Everyone that I came in contact with was very nice.

Wendy T.
Submitted 10/13/21
Had to wait a while but always a great visit

Anna H.
Submitted 10/08/21
Everyone was so nice and helpful

Annie L.
Submitted 10/05/21
My experience was great and very professional.

Theresa H.
Submitted 09/15/21
I needed their help getting on track & healthy. They have been wonderful & I’ve already lost 12#!

Amanda S.
Submitted 09/03/21
The staff was excellent.

Mary W.
Submitted 08/30/21
Awesome staff! Dr. Regina is great!

Theresa H.
Submitted 08/23/21
Always full of Information and support with my weightloss Journal. Thanks!

Cora B.
Submitted 08/20/21

Chianta C.
Submitted 08/19/21
Great! Everyone was very friendly

Debra B.
Submitted 08/12/21
Wonderful staff !!

Rita H.
Submitted 08/03/21
The staff were all nice It was a great atmosphere They act like they really care about their patients

Brent S.
Submitted 07/25/21
Very pleased with the first visit. Looking forward to getting started and healthy.

Chaquanna B.
Submitted 07/22/21
It was an awesome experience! The staff was very prompt, very professional and friendly.

Diane R.
Submitted 07/21/21

Linda S.
Submitted 07/17/21
The nurse did her job well, then Rick and I had good chats and feedback.Dr.Duncan and I had a good visit. I left reassured that we can conquere this excess weight.

Sherry H.
Submitted 07/16/21
Always great attitudes and very tentative to my needs,never waiting to long to be seen I love my weight management team they’re all awesome!!!

Karen H.
Submitted 07/13/21

Keisha S.
Submitted 07/09/21
Each person starting with the receptionist seemed like they cared and was very friendly.

Valerie M.
Submitted 07/09/21
Excellent service and speedy service

Melissa C.
Submitted 07/06/21
I had a wonderful experience with the professionals here. They impressed me with how much time they spent getting to know me and my personal health and weight loss goals.

Shenna W.
Submitted 07/06/21
Very professional clean nice environment

Annie L.
Submitted 07/03/21
The service was great and the staff was very friendly.

Diane M.
Submitted 07/01/21
Glad I were sent to them it’s what they say it would be plus everyone is really nice. They listen to what you have to say.

Sandra O.
Submitted 06/30/21
I went to the DMWMC thinking I was just going to get some reading material and a prescription for weight loss medication but received a whole lot more. I think they will really have my best interest at heart and will follow through with helping me to reach my goals. I feel really good about my choice.

Lorretta R.
Submitted 06/26/21
My experience here has always been great, positive, and enlightenin.

Wendy T.
Submitted 06/17/21
Very nice people they don’t waste your time..

William L.
Submitted 06/16/21
Everyone is very friendly and professional every time I go thanks

Tabitha B.
Submitted 06/08/21
The staff was very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable beginning with the front desk. I find that very impressive for a first visit. I will definitely recommend them to others.

Curmera H.
Submitted 05/28/21
I really great facility, a really great Doctor Who has help me gain my confidence back

Kimberly D.
Submitted 05/28/21
Very clean place. Upon entering all of the staff was polite. The atmosphere relaxed you. I saw Dr. Duncan for the first time on 05/21 – he asked questions, was attentive to my concerns. Most importantly I was comfortable. I recommend Dr. Duncan and staff at Delta Weight Loss.

James P.
Submitted 05/27/21
It was great

Michael J.
Submitted 05/22/21
Just started they do have a very happy and family environment can’t wait to see what they can help me do

Ebony B.
Submitted 05/17/21
Everyone was so nice

Kinia C.
Submitted 05/07/21
Everyone was friendly and concern about the patient.

Sheila P.
Submitted 04/29/21
My experience is great every time I go

Margaret S.
Submitted 04/28/21
Very nice staff. Very Educating.

Joyce B.
Submitted 04/22/21
The staff and Dr. Duncan are very kind and helpful.

Ethel K.
Submitted 04/10/21
I’ve been able to stay on track with my weight loss and daily food intake of better food choices to better manage eating habits.

Bonnie P.
Submitted 04/04/21
The staff are very professional friendly and just makes you feel so comfortable. Dr Duncan is very good. I love that he PRAYED with me. Second time I’ve ever had a Dr to ask if he could PRAY with me. ❤

Donita R.
Submitted 03/31/21
Very informative

Diane M.
Submitted 03/29/21
Work good with patients and explain and listen to what others have to say

Beatrice F.
Submitted 03/18/21
It was my first visit and it was awesome. The atmosphere was so welcoming and they made me feel like family.

Linda B.
Submitted 03/05/21
Every one was very respectful and kind. They also are efficient and do there jobs very well with a kind smile. Thank you you don’t always get to experience this.

Amanda G.
Submitted 03/04/21
Always have a great visit when I go in, they keep me grounded and on track

Christina J.
Submitted 03/03/21
Nice and straight forward.

Shundra W.
Submitted 03/01/21
Everyone was nice

James P.
Submitted 02/25/21
I have really enjoyed going it has been very easy to follow the staff are very friendly and informed.

Ja’Net T.
Submitted 02/25/21
EXCELLENT!!!! Staff, customer service and support

Debra B.
Submitted 02/23/21
Very knowledgeable team. Made me feel like I can lose the weight I need to

Cynthia P.
Submitted 02/10/21
My experience was GREAT. Everyone was very professional and cared about me.

Sylvester B.
Submitted 01/28/21
Team did a great job

Cora B.
Submitted 01/28/21
My experience was great I’m ready for more experience

Renee M.
Submitted 01/27/21
I am so grateful for the care I have received and would recommend you to anyone

Quincharolette S.
Submitted 01/23/21
He’s great person

Sheila P.
Submitted 01/21/21
Everyone there has great knowledge of what my needs are, and they seem very appreciated. Very good services. I will surely recommend this service.

Mariyah M.
Submitted 01/14/21
Very knowledgeable and supportive staff! I am so excited to start this journey!

Gayle T.
Submitted 01/14/21
So appreciate your wonderful, encouraging staff. They “pump” you up to not lose sight of the goal, to keep going!

Tyson M.
Submitted 01/06/21
Great advice and teamwork collaborative efforts designed by the medical personnel. Very friendly, courteous, and professional.

Diane M.
Submitted 12/17/20
I love the service everyone in there was very friendly

Melody S.
Submitted 12/15/20
This site is amazing and provides great services. I’m grateful for the customer service they provide. I highly recommend them.

Ruby R.
Submitted 12/11/20
The best place to go for your healthy weight loss goals. They are by far the best people around. So passionate, informative, and available. You will not not disappointed. A loving atmospheric place

Joyce B.
Submitted 12/11/20
Dr. Duncan has the best bed side matter and he is always very thorough.

Janet A.
Submitted 12/10/20
I Love come to your office Everyone is so nice and the office is so Clean

Mary P.
Submitted 11/22/20
This place is great!

Sanja W.
Submitted 11/19/20
Very nice and caring staff. They provide the best care and recommendations to assist the client in a healthy lifestyle.

Arlexka H.
Submitted 11/18/20
This place is great.

James P.
Submitted 11/13/20
It was very good experience and was all very professional and informative

Rhonda S.
Submitted 10/25/20
Staff is very pleasant. Dr. Duncan is great!

Jacqualynn R.
Submitted 10/20/20
Love Dr Duncan! He’s the best!!

Sandra C.
Submitted 10/15/20
Everyone is so nice

Angela M.
Submitted 10/15/20
Great !!the staff was very friendly and helpful

Karen C.
Submitted 09/19/20
Staff and dr duncan really helped me in finding out how to lose weight sure do appreciate them would recommend them to everyone

Renee M.
Submitted 09/18/20
It was fine and I hope to get better soon

Michelle M.
Submitted 09/15/20
Absolutely love coming to see everyone at the clinic.

Joyce B.
Submitted 09/14/20
I was very happy with the bed side manner and the length of time the doctor talks to you and makes you understand everything. No rushing.

Karen S.
Submitted 09/10/20
The staff is always professional and kind and considerate. In addition, they are quite knowledgeable about healthcare. They provide nutrition counseling and exercise counseling. Great experience.

Wendy T.
Submitted 09/09/20
Very nice and understanding

Shiquita B.
Submitted 09/03/20
I absolutely love Dr. Duncan and the entire staff!!! From my very first appointment until now, I have been treated with nothing but love. Dr Duncan got right to the root of my problems in just 2 appointments. The nurse practitioner is also wonderful. I’m just truly thankful for doctors and nurses that truly care for their patients. Thank you all for the wonderful service!!

Ruby R.
Submitted 09/03/20
This is by far the best place to go for any of your weight lost needs. The staff there are phenomenal. I love this place because of all the supportive people, encouraging ideas, words, etc. It’s so hard to not go back or recommend this place with family and friends.

Mary W.
Submitted 09/01/20
Nancy , Dr. Duncan and Mr. Rick are awesome as always!!

Melody S.
Submitted 08/28/20
This office is very great place. The customer service is impeccable.

Latonya A.
Submitted 08/04/20
Very informative and I can’t wait to continue working with Dr. Duncan!

Natosha W.
Submitted 08/03/20
Great service

Joyce A.
Submitted 07/31/20
The service is always professional, quite a few new products are being offered. The enhanced program to assist with unigue dieting and meal planning is a good tool to gain understanding of measuring, meal planning and trending habits. I am pleased with the goal is to treat the whole person for wellness and fitness and not just focused on weight.

Charles B.
Submitted 07/30/20
Everybody was so nice and helpful and Mrs Reese took extra time helping and explaining things

Takeda M.
Submitted 07/17/20
I am very impressed with this office. Staff is very friendly. I did not feel like I was rushed through the process and there was a lot of attention and detail given to the weight loss process. I am glad I decided to make an appointment with them.

Sandra C.
Submitted 07/17/20
Dr Duncan and his staff are great

Stephanie S.
Submitted 07/09/20
I always receive the best service possible when I visit. Everyone is courteous and the physician take time to listen to any concerns I may have.

Roschelle S.
Submitted 07/06/20
The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable about their products.

Halleane I.
Submitted 06/29/20
I appreciated the smiles and conversations with staff, professionalism and especially the care and concern shown for me and my healthare.

Sheila P.
Submitted 06/18/20
He was great

Eddie B.
Submitted 03/12/20
The staff is very professional, caring and supportive.