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You’ve committed to weight loss in the past, only to gain it back or fail midway through a diet plan. With support from Delta Medical Weight Management Center in Southaven, Mississippi, you receive the support and behavioral counseling needed to change your habits and keep weight off for good. Ulric Duncan, MD, offers a variety of customized programs to help you, regardless of your goal. Call today to get started with healthy, successful weight loss.

Behavior Counseling Q & A

Why do I need behavioral counseling for weight loss?

When you’re told to “lose weight” for your health or given the generic advice of “eat less and move more,” it’s just not very effective. These statements don’t provide you with the tools and support to put recommendations into action. 

At Delta Medical Weight Management Center, you receive the education and face time necessary to get real results.

Behavioral counseling works to help you identify unhealthy habits and eating triggers that keep you from maintaining long-term physical change. 

You not only learn to identify them but to overcome them and replace your unhealthy behaviors with more sustainable ones that support your weight and health goals.

How does behavioral counseling work?

Behavioral counseling involves education as to how to achieve a healthier lifestyle. The team guides you into understanding healthy food choices and portion sizes. They also help you understand how and what type of physical activity benefits you and your weight-loss goals.

Behavioral counseling means you’re held accountable to your weight-loss plan. When you have someone to report to and expectations to meet, it’s often easier to stay on track.

And, if you should lose focus, the staff at Delta Medical Weight Management Center helps you get right back on your plan as soon as possible. They can show you that despite one mistake or even a series of them, weight loss is still possible.

Will behavioral counseling be tailored to my weight-loss goal?

The staff at Delta Medical Weight Management Center offers programs and support for every weight-loss goal. They can help if you’re looking to lose 50-100 pounds, or if you’re looking to lose the last 5-10 pounds to achieve the physique you desire. 

Behavioral counseling identifies what’s holding you back from having the body and health status you desire and deserve. 

Is behavioral counseling helpful if I don’t need to lose weight?

Behavioral counseling can help you regardless of your dietary goals. Learning to eat healthier and live a better quality of life with help from the dietitians and exercise physiologists on staff can make all the difference.

If you’re ready to reframe your relationship with your body and health habits, call Delta Medical Weight Management Center today to book an appointment today.

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