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If you’ve struggled to lose excess pounds, you’re far from alone. Nearly one-half of people in the US attempt to lose weight in a given year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and very few are successful in the long term on their own.

Orbera® provides a solution for obese adults who need to lose weight, have had difficulty doing so on their own, and don’t want to undergo invasive bariatric surgery. With professional support at every step, the Orbera balloon system helps retrain your brain while you develop healthy, sustainable habits.

At Delta Medical Weight Management Center in Southaven, Mississippi, Dr. Ulric Duncan and his team are pleased to provide the Orbera for qualifying candidates. Read on to learn more about this life-changing treatment.

How Obrera works

Orbera is an FDA-approved gastric balloon that Dr. Duncan inserts through your esophagus and into your stomach. Then he uses a syringe to fill the balloon with a safe saline solution. Once full, Orbera is about the size of an average grapefruit and immediately reduces the amount of hunger you experience. During this procedure, which only takes about 20 minutes, you’ll be lightly sedated and comfortable.

The next six months

Over the next six months, you’ll work closely with Dr. Duncan and his team to shift your lifestyle habits as your brain gets used to lower caloric intake and healthier foods. You’ll learn the best ways to maximize your nutrient intake and enjoy healthy meals and snacks, so that you can keep these habits up moving forward. Importantly, you’ll also receive exercise guidelines and ongoing emotional support. Throughout this time, you may lose 20-50 pounds or even more.

Orbera removal

Once you reach the six-month mark with Orbrera and have fully adjusted your habits, Dr. Duncan will remove the balloon. This, too, is a simple, nonsurgical procedure that takes roughly 20 minutes. From there, you’ll carry on as you have been, with a greater focus on maintenance if you’ve reached your weight-loss goals. If needed weight loss remains, you’ll continue to slim down gradually and steadily, which is a lot safer and more sustainable than rapid weight loss from fad diets.

Because your body and brain will have adjusted to your new dietary lifestyle, you won’t experience as much hunger as you did before having the Orbera balloon placed. In addition, you’ll now be consuming more fiber-rich foods and lean protein sources, which support blood sugar and appetite control.

If you carry excess weight and feel you may be a good candidate for Orbera, call Delta Medical Weight Management Center or email us through our website. Our team of experts is ready and willing to support you through your weight-control journey.

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