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How to Care for Your Skin After Laser Hair Removal

If you’ve shaved, waxed, or plucked away unwanted hair, you’re probably no stranger to the potential pain, inconvenience, or even injuries that can come along with these methods. Laser hair removal helps minimize these problems through a minimally invasive procedure. Taking good care of your skin afterward can help you make the most of your results.

At Delta Medical Weight Management Center in Southaven, Mississippi, Dr. Ulric Duncan oversees a team of highly trained, expert technicians who perform laser hair removal on adults. Read on to learn more about this treatment, including ways to tend to your skin afterward.

Laser hair removal basics

Laser hair removal uses concentrated light energy as a mild and safe form of radiation. During the treatment, laser beams warm and damage hair follicles in the treatment area. When hair follicles are damaged, they can’t produce new hair. So, unlike waxing, shaving, and tweezing, which remove hair above the surface, laser therapy literally goes to the root.

Laser hair removal works well most anywhere you have undesired hair. Especially popular treatment areas include:

Before laser hair removal

Preparing well for laser hair removal treatment is as important as your aftercare. To get your skin ready before your session, your provider may suggest:

After laser hair removal

Depending on factors such as skin sensitivity, you might notice some tenderness or swelling after laser hair removal. Your provider will go over specific ways to manage these issues and care for your skin following your session, which may include:

If you’re hoping to do away with unwanted hair growth for good, you’ll probably need to schedule followup treatments. While individual results vary, most people need roughly 2-6 sessions for long-term results. These appointments should be spaced around six weeks apart. Leading up to subsequent sessions, be sure to follow the skin care preparation steps.

To learn more about laser hair removal or get started soon, call Delta Medical Weight Management Center or email us through our website.

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