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A well-functioning bowel is incredibly important for good digestive and overall health. When your colon is overloaded with waste, including some harmful elements, it can’t function at its prime. Therein lies the premise for colon hydrotherapy, a treatment that rinses your colon gently with warm water to minimize gas, mucus, and fecal matter in the intestines. Many people appreciate that this treatment involves no drugs or chemicals and promotes a sense of well-being.

At Delta Medical Weight Management Center in Southaven, Mississippi, Dr. Ulric Duncan and his team are pleased to provide colon hydrotherapy as part of your weight-loss or wellness plan. While conventional research on its effectiveness is limited, we have found that this treatment can go a long way in addressing the following concerns.

You have digestive issues

Because colon hydrotherapy aims to cleanse potentially harmful substances from your digestive tract, you may benefit from the treatment if you’re prone to digestive problems. Dr. Duncan may recommend colon hydrotherapy if you have a condition or symptoms such as:

  • Candida overgrowth
  • Chronic bloating
  • Constipation
  • Excessive gas
  • Irritable bowel syndrome

You want healthier skin

Improved skin is one of the top reasons people opt for colon hydrotherapy. Your skin is your largest organ and considered by colonics experts a mirror of what’s happening within your body. This means that doing away with bodily toxins may lead to a more vibrant and healthy complexion. After the treatment, some people notice an immediate facial glow. You might also experience fewer symptoms of common conditions such as acne and eczema.

You’re bothered by body odor

Some amount of body odor is normal, and a positive sign that your body is functioning normally. It develops when bacteria breaks down sweat. If you produce high levels of certain bacteria or have certain medical conditions, such as hyperhidrosis, you might end up with a more intense and prevalent unpleasant aroma. That’s when we often recommend colon hydrotherapy for an improved body smell.

You want improved immune function

Irrigating the colon may jump-start a process known as lymphocyte transmigration from tissues in your digestive system, leading to improved immune system function. For that reason, some people opt for colon hydrotherapy as a preventative health care measure. If you follow your treatment with eating nutritious foods that are less likely to bring about harmful substances in your digestive tract, you’ll benefit even further.

You’re working on weight control

While weight loss that occurs immediately after colon hydrotherapy stems from lost fluids — potentially up to 16 gallons — you may find colon hydrotherapy useful as a sort of refresh for your bodily systems that makes it easier to eat in a weight loss-promoting way. You may find eating more vegetables and lean protein sources more appealing, for example, and feel less tempted by calorie-dense processed fare. Feeling confident about taking care of your health through this treatment can promote a sense of motivation around weight control, too. You may also feel more energized and able to exercise regularly after colon hydrotherapy.

Colon hydrotherapy should only be performed by a qualified medical practitioner, such as our team, using FDA-approved equipment. To learn more or find out if you’re a good candidate, call Delta Medical Weight Management Center or email us through our website.

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